The Silent Samurai

English / Italian


Quotations by Seizo



"Dangerous stunts do scare me because in most cases, you get hurt. If you can go through it without getting any injuries, that's lucky. However, as a stunt man, I think it is important to make the audience go "Ooh, that looks painful". Actually there is a non-painful way to fall down, for instance, but if you do that, it is less appealing to the audience."

"My role is to make the main Samurai hero look powerful as he kills me with his sword. That's why I run to him not to be killed by him but to kill him. To express that sort of eagerness as his enemy is very important for the scene."

"You know who inspired me the most? - It's Chaplin.. When he falls over in his movies, the pain looks so real that you don't just laugh but even worry -"Is he OK?!" That is how you make the scene impressive. I learned that I should always spare my time and efforts for that."

"I will willingly continue my role as someone to be killed as long as there is the need for my act."