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This website is for/of/by fans of Seizo Fukumoto, the finally found Samurai Seizo Fukumoto is one of the toughest men on earth having been killed more than 50,000 times in the last 53 years and being still alive! Although he has never played a main character in any movies or his name has not been widely shown, he is well-known among movie makers as one of the most outstanding samurai actors and he has been leading Japanese movie history, contributing to many samurai/ninja movies. For this accomplishment, he is called "Nippon ichi no *KIRAREYAKU(see the explanation)", or "Japan's No.1 samurai stunt actor". Although his name is not widely known, he is definitely seen by millions of audience hundreds of times!

Even when his scene lasts for a second, he puts all his energy into the scene. Seizo has an amazing talent to make each action scene dynamic and perfectly "SAMURI" ish. To make that goal, he willingly performs stunts not caring about injuries. "Even though people do not know my name, as long as my act is something impressive... and even though that something is recognized by only one person, I'd say my efforts paid off", he says. "If I keep trying hard, someday I will be found"- That's what he has always believed.

Seizo came to develop his own dying style when he was acting as a *KIRAREYAKU(see the explanation) in samurai TV series. As the main samurai hero attacks Seizo and the sword runs across his body, he stretches his whole body as much as he could, turns his body to the camera behind, then he gets out of the frame. This Seizo style is so unique that it is impossible for anyone to copy.

This site is run to support such an outstanding actor, Seizo Fukumoto and provide information about him.