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Akihiro Kawatsuru : actor



The result is that an actor Fukumoto-san is really GREAT!

I'm Kawatsuru Akihiro. I'm also an actor working for the same studio Toei Kyoto Movie Studio as Fukumoto-san works for.

First of all, he has a cool face and atmosphere which is unforgettable once you see him. To add to it, his action is really attractive as everyone knows.

Comparing with other actors' moves, his moves are fast and sharp very well. His action makes the sword-fighting, which is called "CHANBARA" or "TATE" in Japanese, more vigorous and makes the actor, who is usually a hero in the drama and cuts many bad samurais with his sword or "KATANA", look so cool.

Everyone who has seen his action on TV programs or something before knows it is true. Actually, there must be a considerable number of people in Japan who know his existence even though they don't know his name, because he's been acting so attractively in quite a few samurai dramas on TV for as long as decades.

Everybody must cofirm the authenticity of it for sure.

Beside this fact, there is one more reason why I like him so much. It's his personality. Despite his activity in dramas, he is very shy and very modest. He never acts nor says bossily, but he shows us plenty of vigorous actions in various dramas everytime. And sometimes, he teaches us tenderly how to act and play sword-fighting for us. I like him very much. And I'm wanting to be a good actor like Fukumoto-san.

Finally, I bet you surely get addicted to him once you see HIS ACTION.

Feb 22, 2003

Akihiro Kawatsuru

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"A drama is not made alone. Everybody is the leading roles." - Tetsuya Watari

"He goes to kill rather than to go to be killed, and is killed. And he is dead even if not reflected in a camera." - Rantaroh Mine

"I can kill unscrupulously him." - Ryotaro Sugi