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Hello from COZAL, the webmaster

Hello, visitors. I am COZAL, the webmaster.
Thank you very much for visiting this website! Hope you like it.

I am a Japanese man, who is just crazy about TV dramas and Japanese samurai movies!

This site of Seizo Fukumoto was originally only in Japanese. Thanks to my friend's help in translating, I could finally open this site in English. I thought of making the English version because his appearance in "The Last Samurai" might be a good chance to have visitors here from overseas.

Seizo Fukumoto has been my hero for a long time.
I hope that more and more people in the world will know about Seizo Fukumoto, an actor with real samurai spirit.

If you have any questions about Seizo Fukumoto or Japanese samurai movies, please feel free to write me! I will appreciate your feedback on this website as well. (You can write either in English or Japanese)

Oh, if you are Mr. Tom Cruise, you HAVE TO write me!!!!

Thanks again for visiting!

Apr. 30,2003